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Friday Challenge: No Negativity, Mindfulness Drills and Full Squats

The challenges for this week will make you a better person in all respects. I implore you to give them a shot.

1. A full week of no negative thoughts. Get used to reframing. Life is about how you react to things and not so much about what happens to you. You will not complain, harbour animosity, or entertain negativity this week. Instead, you'll let things be as they are. See what this does for you mentally and emotionally.

2. Mindfulness drills. Being mindful while we are engaging in activity will ultimately allow us to interact better and perform to the best of our abilities. Anytime you don't feel present, try breathing deep, holding the air in your lungs, and exhaling slow. Here's another drill - whenever you're talking to someone, wiggle your feet in your shoes. This will bring your attention to the moment and hopefully engage your conversation partner better.

3. Full squat holds. Try accumulating 5 minutes of squatting daily. Inspired by Kelly Starrett and his MobilityWod 10min squat test, sit in a full squat for 5 minutes each day. Improving your ankle and hip mobility through the full squat will enhance your physical capabilities. Beware: this may be quite difficult if you sit all day and walk around in poor footwear with bad mechanics.

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