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Victoria Bucket List

I am proud to call Victoria, British Columbia my home. It is a place which inspires movement and exploration, where the great ocean and the temperate rainforest provide nourishment and diversity.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting Bristol, UK and was provided with a bucket list of various activities that I could check off as part of my visit. Here's the link to the list.

I decided to create my own bucket list to honour my home town. Inspired by the Bristol Bucket List, I created a list that was

a. affordable and accessible

b. not requiring of a tour guide

c. within city limits

d. locally flavoured

There are many other things that one might do while visiting Victoria and even more to explore if you have a car or other means of transportation. This list will merely give you a start and flavour of what it feels like to live here and enjoy the relaxed, south island vibes.

I am posting it to Movement Mindset as a blog as I want to share my list publicly and inspire further discussion on what you like to do in your home town. Enjoy!

  1. Pet the goats at Beacon Hill Petting Zoo

  2. Watch the Christmas Truck Parade

  3. Cliff dive at Thetis Lake

  4. Visit Doris on the 17th fairway at the Victoria Golf Club on an April night

  5. Buy some trinkets at Fan Tan Alley

  6. Eat peanuts and drink beer at Big Bad John's

  7. Traverse the Cadborosaurus at Gyro Park

  8. Climb up Mt. Finlayson

  9. Grab some sushi at Fujiya and eat it on top of Mt. Tolmie

  10. Eat a tacone at Red Fish Blue Fish

  11. Watch the fireworks on a Saturday night at Butchart Gardens

  12. Stargaze at Island View Beach

  13. Go on a Pickle Pub Crawl

  14. Buy art at the Moss St. Paint-In

  15. Fly kites at clover point

  16. Walk the Breakwater at Ogden Point

  17. Visit the Woolly mammoth and gold mining exhibits Royal Victoria Museum

  18. Walk through the Ross Bay Cemetery at night

  19. Listen to music during Symphony Splash on BC Day

  20. Go to a jazz show at Hermann's Jazz Club

  21. Watch the Fireworks in the Inner Harbour on Canada Day

  22. Have high tea at the Empress Hotel

  23. Jump off the 10m diving board at Commonwealth Pool

  24. Pitch and Putt at the Henderson Golf Course

  25. Rent scooters from Cycle BC and ride along Dallas Road

  26. Go to the Saanich Fair and buy a pig

  27. Have a flight of beer at Spinnaker's brew pub

  28. Catch a sunset on Canoe Club's Patio

  29. Enjoy cheap craft pitchers at Swan's

  30. Visit the market at Market Square in the summer

  31. Attend the Summer Busker's festival in the Inner Harbour

  32. Cast your rod off of Ogden Point

  33. Climb the stairs off of King George Terrace

  34. Watch the symphony at the Royal Macpherson Playhouse

  35. Visit the Xmen Academy at Hatley Castle

  36. Go for a refreshing dip in the summer at Sooke Potholes

  37. Canoe or Kayak out to Jimmy Chicken Island from Willows Beach

  38. Watch a local rugby match at Macdonald Park in James Bay

  39. Visit the house boats at Fisherman's Wharf

  40. Feed the ducks at King's Pond at Cedar Hill Golf Course

  41. Visit the Public Market at the Hudson on a Wednesday

  42. Have a Benny at Blue Fox

  43. Eat some sushi at Sen Sushi

  44. Bet on the horse races at the Tally Ho

  45. Have some DimSum at the Jade Fountain

  46. Enjoy bottomless soup for lunch at Paggliacci's

  47. Eat Buck a Shuck oysters at the Oyster Bar

  48. Grab a soft serve ice cream from the Beacon Drive In

  49. Navigate the corn maze at Galey Farms

  50. Pick up a pumpkin at Mitchell Farms

  51. Swim a lap of Durrance Lake

  52. Make a wish at the Legislature fountain

  53. Have a cocktail at Little Jumbo

  54. Sample from the endless taps at Garrick's Head

  55. Dance yourself into a sweaty mess at Lucky Bar

  56. Bite into a thin crust, wood fired pizza at Pizzeria Primastrada

  57. Have some nachos at the Moon Under Water Brewery

  58. Drink beer and listen to music at the Phillip's Backyarder

  59. Watch a Harbour Cats game at Royal Athletic Park

  60. Attend Greek Fest at Commonwealth Place

  61. Go scuba diving off Ogden Point

  62. Look for the JPod with a whale watching tour

  63. Watch a movie at the Cameron Bandshell at Beacon Hill Park

  64. Watch the Bastion Square Grand Prix

  65. Go to trivia night at Fernwood Inn

  66. Grab a tapa and shaft at the Tapa Bar on Trounce Alley

  67. Have Sunday Brunch at the Oak Bay Marina

  68. Attend Rifflandia

  69. Visit the Lieutenant General's House

  70. Do some beachcombing at Witty's Lagoon

  71. Watch a Victoria Royals game at the Save on Foods Centre

  72. Grab a coffee at Habit on Pandora

  73. Watch the Dragon Boat Festival in the Inner Harbour

  74. Take the Coho to Port Angeles

  75. Drop a crab trap off of Cattle Point

  76. Go salmon fishing off of 10mile point

  77. Rent a Paddle Board in the Inner Harbour

  78. Watch a comedy show at Heckler's

  79. Play some slots at the Casino View Royal

  80. Go skating at the Empress Hotel

  81. Ride the ferris wheel at Centennial Squar

  82. Watch the antique car show at Fort Rodd Hill

  83. Jump in on a softball game at Lansdowne Middle School

  84. Ride the tea cups at the Oak Bay Tea Party

  85. Have a fritter and a coffee at Discovery Coffee

  86. Watch MonkeyWrench at Darcy's Night Club

  87. Grab some produce at the Root Cellar

  88. Go to a bookstore in Sidney

  89. Buy some cheap reads at Russell Books

  90. Have some fries at the Kiwanis Tea Room at Willows Beach

  91. Eat some deep fried cheesecake at the Flying Otter

  92. Go to wings night at Christie's Pub

  93. Go for a late night swim at the Oak Bay Rec Centre

  94. Buy some bacon at the Red Barn Market

  95. Go to Goldstream Park for the Salmon Run

  96. Go skimboarding at Gonzales Beach

  97. Go curling at the Victoria Curling Club

  98. Throw strikes at Langford Lanes

  99. Get a milkshake and Galley dog from the Willows Galley

  100. Cross the train trestle at Goldstream Park

  101. Eat sandwiches from Red Barn Market

  102. Rent bikes and ride along the Dallas Road

  103. Catch a sunset on dallas (take a couple beers on a summer night)

  104. watch a cricket game a beacon hill park

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