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Online Programming and Consultation


I offer specifically designed endurance and strength programs to help you meet your goals and bust through any plateaus along the way. These are custom programs designed to address your lifestyle, physiology and background. Whether you are trying to lose weight, put on muscle, get stronger or prepare for a running race, a smart program will get you there faster.


Price: $50/month, includes weekly check-ups via Skype


See free training packages for sample programs. 


In-Person Training Packages


In these one-on-one sessions, we will break down the biomechanics of the exercises I have laid out for you. This is where we will truly address technique and the subtle, but critical movement flaws that may be hampering your success. The world is your gym: from weight room to the park, there are numerous exercises that will get you fit. I’ll show you how to optimize your efforts for the best results.


Kickstart Package


If you’re new or have been away from fitness for a while, this package will get you ready for activity while minimizing your risk of injury. The stronger you lay your foundation, the higher your capacity will be. This leads to maximum results.


Price: $400 - Goal setting session + 5 follow up sessions



Ignition Package


If you’ve been grinding away but the results have slowed and your motivation is waning, I’ll help you re-tweak for success and performance with new methods and exercises to shock your body out of stagnation.


 Price: $300 - 5 sessions + future program design

Want to find out if we'll be a good fit? Let's talk!

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