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Goals and lifestyle development.


Knowing where you want to go has to be decided before you move. I will help you establish your vision and develop a plan aligned with your passions and interests. 


I encourage introspection and reflection while pursuing short and long-term goals to guide your evolution. 


I have experience in preparing potential recruits for physical tests for armed forces and emergency services, such as the POPAT and PARE. 


The Movement Mindset understands the need for community to foster growth. I connect individuals and create networks for change.


Goals and Lifestyle Development
Barbell and strength training.


Strength is critical to any movement. Physical integrity is built upon strong neuromuscular connections, functioning connective tissue and solid bone and joint structures. 


The most basic and tested way to create a strong frame is through barbell and strength training. From powerlifting to olympic lifting to calisthenics and hypertrophy training, I can assist you with your strength and muscular development. 

Barbell and Strength Training
Functional and biomechanical assessments.


Many people walk around with a slight degree of pain and are unable to move through a full range of motion. This has become permissible because they don't know what it would feel like to have full functionality without the dull aches that burden them. 


Over the years, there have been great advances in defining functional movement and applying the knowledge of biomechanics to our own bodies. I can help you become more efficient and regain the full range of motion that you were born with. 


Functional and Biomechanical Assessments


The importance of programming in forging physiological adaptation cannot be stressed enough. The basic principles of progressive overload and recovery are simple in nature, but complex in execution.


Whether your goals are to gain massive strength, build a large aerobic capacity, move faster, build muscle, or a little bit of everything, a sense of programming is critical. 


Programming builds in basic principles and does not have to take away from enjoyment by adding rigidity. I can help you lay out your path and adapt when you hit plateaus (which you certainly will). Programming in the Movement Mindset sense includes motivation and adds enjoyment. Progress is happiness. 

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