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Friday Challenge: Cold Showers, Raw Food and Post Dinner Walks

When trying to incorporate these challenges into your daily life, you have to remember that some will be less likely to stick. Perhaps this is because they impose additional tasks or duties on your life. This is often necessary, but sometimes it's easier to change habits your currently engaged in rather than to add new ones.

Here's the focus for the week:

1. Take a cold shower in the morning. This is tough to get used to, especially if you live in a cold country. However the benefits are huge, including improved circulation, increased alertness, increased immunity, increased testosterone and even some fat burning.

2. Raw food. You can engage in this activity in two ways.

a) Limit yourself to foods that you can digest easily raw - basically veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds.

b) Try to learn other ways of preparing your food without heating it past 40 degrees celcius. This is a beneficial exercise, as soaking and sprouting are useful techniques even when you are cooking your food.

3. Post-Dinner Walk. We often scarf down every meal and move on to the next activity on our busy schedules. Take the time to go for a walk after dinner, not only to aid in your digestion but also to clear your head before rushing off to try and cram in some end of day activities.

Click on the picture below to visit Rawmazing for raw food recipes.

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