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Friday Challenge: Greens+, Anti-Social and Inversions

As we enter into spring, let's get ready for new growth and to come out of our own personal winters. The challenges for the week are a good primer for the spring season and will recharge your energy systems.

1. Greens+ Challenge. Get an extra serving of greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, mint, arrugula, etc..). This can be a salad or a smoothie which includes pulverized greens. The extra minerals and vitamins will bring back your vigor.

2. Anti-Social. Eliminate social media for one week. No Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tinder or anything of similar. What will you do with all the hours you have just freed up? Easy. Catch up with your real friends. IN PERSON.

3. Inversions. Spend a couple minutes every day upside down. Handstands, teddy bear stands, headstands, inversion boots, inversion tables - the list goes on. I prefer getting onto my hands and balancing.

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