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Friday Challenge: Breath, Eyes, and Smoothies

Having a daily practice so powerful, as your progress is automatic while your effort is imperceptible. Keep building on your habits and use them to enhance your lifestyle. Here are a few more challenges if you need ideas.

1. Start every morning with 10 deep breaths. Be conscious of this - breathe in and fill your lungs, letting your rib cages expand and allowing the oxygen to exchange with the carbon dioxide that you will expel. Exhale slow. This will really help you relax and start the day fresh.

2. Take care of your eyes. Here are two exercises. Make a reminder for yourself to blink every hour. Staring at screens, we often forget to blink. Dry eyes are unhealthy.

You can do focusing exercises. Hold your thumb up close to your face just before the point where it starts to get blurry. Alternate between focusing on your thumb and a far-away object. 10 reps, 3 times a day. No need for reading glasses.

3. Green smoothie challenge. Buy a few bunches of kale and spinach and blend these up with yogurt, hemp seeds and frozen berries every morning. Great way to get your greens in early and often.

Check out Simple Green Smoothies if you want to get creative. Below is their Avo-Banana Kale.

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