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Footwork Friday

In sticking to my alliterative devices, I've decided to do a Footwork Friday post at irregular intervals. I've come to the realization over the years that positioning is extremely important in almost all physical activities. Awareness of your body leads to better coordination and subsequently stronger and more prepared positioning. In all of our activities, setting your feet is the intial grounding movement which allows for the next position.

This week we will feature Michael Jordan. Footwork when you have the ball and have come to a stop is potentially your most threatening position, but can also get you in trouble. After picking the ball up, you have to choose to pivot off of one foot and maintain this pivot foot the whole time. In transition, you're given some leeway, as you can get away with one and a half steps, as you can be more indiscrete about your pivot foot.

What we can learn from the game is that North to South is simply the orientation of the baskets. The rest of the game is played at all sorts of angles. Therefore, we must train our bodies to move through all planes.

Either way, the rules of the game limit how you can move, but allowing the pivot foot opens up many creative avenues. Jordan is an artist in the way he feints, yet remains rock solid and balanced and able to change direction and get a shot off with ease. Enjoy.

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