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Friday Challenge: Squat Text, Motion is Lotion and Journalling

This week I want to focus on perpetual motion and the idea of capturing ideas for further examination.

Here's the challenge:

1. Squat Text: This challenge will serve two purposes - a) work on your hip mobility b) make you aware of how much texting you actually do. Every time you stoop over your phone to send a text message, drop into a full squat to do so. If you text a lot, your hips will become quite mobile. If you don't, good for you.

2. Motion is Lotion: This is not as aggressive as the first challenge. Every hour, set a reminder yourself to move in some fashion, preferably in a way that forces you to go through a full range of motion. Draw circles with your arms and hips and twist your upper torso. Little forward neck rolls can release a lot fo tension.

3. Journalling. Write one journal entry per day. It can be about your day, about a certain topic you encountered, or whatever is on your mind. Get used to putting your thoughts on paper and logically developing some way of expressing them. We often have so many thoughts in our heads that it becomes hard to arrange and make sense of it all.

Here's Kelly Starrett on desks, standing desks and ideas for mobilizing throughout the day.

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