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Once anything has been deemed important, the deconstruction of that very topic and subsequent analysis can often strip it of meaning and context. For humans, breathing has always been critical, yet it is so ordinary and autonomic that it loses its credit as a life force, except when it proves a struggle for an individual. In recent years, with the advent of yoga and mindfulness practices, breathing has been resurrected, beautified, codified and scientifically dissected. We know why it is important, we understand the relaxation response, we become more aware of the structure called our diaphragm, and we invent protocols for optimal breathing. Something simple has become complex, due to its underpinnings and sophistication.

Learning your anatomy and physiology for breathing, applying the Alexander Technique, expanding your diaphragm and using your intercostals properly will ultimately assist the body in getting oxygen and tapping into the rhythms of the universe. However, proper breathing can be initiated from the right mindset; by observing simplicity and espousing patience, the breath will follow. Those that move through this world with ease tend to succeed, or at least be happier than those whose frantic pace has thrown their breathing out of sync.

Breathing is analogous to life. Catch a moment, and then let it go. Inhale and absorb, then exhale and release. Take in the whole experience, and exhale what you do not need, as that is how you dispel of your inner waste.

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