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The Movement Mindset

Lao-Tzu once reminded us that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. To move in any direction, a literal or figurative first step must take place, lest the laws of inertia hold fast. The first step begins in the mind, where a thought will grow from a simple idea to a platform of departure, or what one could call a mindset. It is simple to create a separation between the mental, cerebral processes, which can be very primitive to complex in nature, and the physical, mechanical processes which allow us to navigate through the world. However, it is the task of connecting the two which proves difficult; an attempt to transcend the limited theories of physics, anatomy, philosophy and cognition.

All thoughts can be of use while all motion has some purpose. However, in order to ascribe meaning to motion and thinking, and subsequently life, a mindset must be associated with every movement. Some philosophers would call this awareness, a deep mindfulness. Other religions would claim that the spirit will connect mind and body; others believe this is the essence of life force. Athletes are in an endless pursuit of the zone, while musicians seek to be enraptured in a flow state. These states are ultimately transcendent and allow for expression which exceeds mental or physical dimensions.

Movement Mindset is my interpretation of what occurs universally, in perpetuity, for all of us. The mind doesn’t stop thinking, nor does the body really stop moving. Establishing a depth of both movements and mindsets is what makes us adaptive and resilient. Our goal is to make sense of where we are going at any minute. Thoughts change, but mindsets are deeply rooted. The body changes, but our movement capacities are more entrenched. A movement mindset is a strong grounding of psychological and physical well-being.


As we are all made up mostly of water, we should be like water, with its ability to flow and fit different environments, yet always maintain its basic substance.

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