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Friday Challenge: News Diet, Brainstorming and Squats

We have almost completed two months of 2015. In two months you can really transform your life through experience and habits. Keep grinding away. In the meantime, here are three more week long challenges to improve your well being.

1. Go on a no news diet. Ralf Dobelli, author of The Art of Thinking Clearly gives reasons why we should stay away from the news. As March approaches, spring and the approaching fiscal year will be full of forecasts, tragedies and the ominous doom that approaches. How much of all of this will really have a direct impact in our daily lives. Try cutting out the news for a week. No twitter updates, Facebook posts, RSS feeds or newspapers. You'll feel a little less burdened.

2. Brainstorm daily. Seeing as your creative capacity will be liberated due to a freedom from news, start brainstorming. Come up with ideas on new projects, activities or events that you would like to create or be a part of. The key here is not to be structured and not to censor any idea. Everything that comes into your head must find room on your notepad.

3. 50 Squats Daily. Feet shoulder width apart, knees out, butt back, and chest up. Go at least to the depth where your upper thighs are parallel to the ground. I implore you to go longer than one week. Your body will change for the better.

Here's Michelle Lewin for your squat motivation.

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