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Friday Challenge: Alcohol free, Mantras and Fermented Foods

Patio season, barbeques, and outdoor activities call for alcohol and all sorts of other fun. Before this all starts, let's prime our bodies and improve our gut biomes.

Here's the challenge.

1. Alcohol free. Simple enough. No alcohol for one week. Try drinking tea and various sugar free drinks. Soda water, lemon slices and cucumbers are excellent together.

2. Mantras. Keeping a daily or weekly focus will help you prioritize and eliminate distractions. Download the Momentum extension. For every new tab you open in Chrome, you will find a beautiful picture, an inspirational quote and an area for you to enter in your focus for the day. I use this area as well as my computer passwords to enter mantras to help remind me where I need to put my efforts. I've used the mantra "Breathe" time and again.

3. Fermented foods. I've mentioned this before, but let's treat our guts better. Fermented foods have been used for ages to proactively improve our microbiomes. Lately, everyone has been in a Kombucha craze.

Click on the photo for a DIY Kombucha guide. Check out the for other fermented food ideas.

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