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The title of this blog makes reference to the commonly used term to describe self-experimentation. n refers to the sample size of an experiment or study. If your n is 1, then you only have one test subject, which in scientific methods is poor, as the accuracy of your study is questionable. However, in the biohacking community, n=1 is a good thing, because if you treat yourself as an individual with specific needs that differ from anyone else, then you will ultimately find what works for you.

The message is loud and clear. We are all different, so find what works for you. This is very obvious with our diet, where individuals can eat the same, but look and feel completely different. Experiment constantly, to see what methods can lead to massive results with a small degree of effort. This means you have to keep your mind open and gives things a shot.

It's important to keep evolving and continue testing what works for your body and mind. You will change over time and need to keep experimenting. What you did yesterday for results may not lead to the same results in the future.

Warning: self-experimentation is not the quest for shortcuts and hacks in order to avoid hard work. It's about finding out about your own design and understanding how you are different and similar to other people.

Experiment on yourself without bias. The only way to evolve upwards is to reinvent yourself constantly.

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