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Friday Challenge: Non-Dominance, Earthing and Stairs

The first Friday of spring should be welcomed in with a week of challenge.

Here they are.

1. Work on your non-dominant hand. Try using your non-dominant hand for all tasks this week. It is good for your brain and awareness of movement. We have become so habituated to using our dominant hand, the hand that we pre-determined from an early age to be the hand that would carry out our daily operations in life, that we become imbalanced and less connected between the hemispheres of our brains.

2. Earth yourself. Every day, engage in some form of earthing, or being in direct contact with the ground. Ideally, this should be done with barefeet on the grass or soil. To extend this further, try getting out into nature and earth yourself.

3. Take the stairs. If you've become utterly dependent on the elevator to get to your apartment building and office, give it a break. Use your legs, take your time and take them two by two. Your glutes will wake up from their slumber.

Here's the so called Toughest 400m in Europe.

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