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Common Sense with Nutrition

I stumbled upon an article recently, titled "20 Nutrition Facts That Should be Common Sense (But Aren't)". The content was great, but potentially tough to swallow, as it challenged many preconceptions we have around certain foods and diets. It also suggests that we delve further into certain areas such as our microbiome health and away from mainstream media.

This is a good read, but the purpose is not to provide definitive diet answers. Instead, it challenges assumptions and calls for a shift in thought with regards to labels like "gluten-free" or "organic", vegetable oils and sugar.

Our issue is not that we lack knowledge, but rather that we struggle to adjust our paradigms to incorporate it. The fact that we're still caught up on the low-fat craze, or that we haven't implemented strict laws against trans-fats suggests that we are resistant to changing our beliefs.

What is common sense now is often antequated and fails to include what we've learned over the years. Perhaps this struggle has to do with our egos and the way they are shattered when controversial knowledge is presented.

In the information age, we are being bombarded by information from all sources, on all things. Keep your mind open and adaptable, but also see how it all fits into your belief system.

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